Welcome to Huli-de-Vana


Nestling at the base of the valley in this small hamlet of Chitrapur in north coastal Karnataka, is an old Temple of Goddess DurgaParmeshwari, probably a few hundred years old.  The land around this temple is believed to be guarded by a Tiger, the Vahan (vehicle) of the Goddess.  Though no one has seen one, people from this village claim to have heard the Tiger. This area goes by the name “Huli Devana Kodlu” in Kannada the local language, meaning the Land of the Tiger God. Huli-de-Vana is a small farm adjoining this ancient Temple.

Meet this family who decided to move away from the bustling city of Mumbai, to embrace a rural lifestyle, far removed from the glittering lights of the city. This rural farm-life is what they yearned for and it is their love for the Outdoors that binds them together to enjoy, work and live off the land.


Vivek Nadkarni

With an M.Sc in Physics and Electronics, a Masters in Marketing Management, and a successful career in marketing high-end medical equipment, he now owns a medical equipment business firm Graphic Devices, which he runs from the farm with élan. Equally at ease handling equipment problems as well as their large bovine family, you might catch him giving detailed instructions to his engineers over the phone while herding errant cows that have strayed into the field. He has a new hobby now – woodwork and he has created neat fences, shelves, and other useful items with the waste wood lying around the farm. Fond of working out, he keeps fit with an exercise regime that includes a 20 minute jog, accompanied by four boisterous dogs.




Tanuja Nadkarni   

A Mathematics graduate with a career in Software development and training, she now handles the Application training of all the medical equipment at Graphic Devices. Although she was brought up in Mumbai, all her annual school holidays were spent in the lush green environs of her grandparents’ farm-house in Calicut surrounded by paddy fields. It was her longing for rural life and Vivek’s love for the great outdoors that made this move possible.  Now equally at ease handling training sessions for the customers over the internet; or mixing and preparing organic elixirs for the plants, she ensures that the farm flourishes and sustains.  An avid reader and fond of writing, she maintains an interesting blog about their farm experiences.  


Divya Nadkarni 

A Postgraduate in English Literature, a two year stint at teaching in Ruia College in Mumbai, the founder and editor of a literary journal (Nether), she is on her way to studying further. A very strong and independent young woman, she has spent 5 months in Chile as a volunteer English teacher.  Fond of playing the violin and a connoisseur of books, she maintains an enviable collection.  Divya loves animals especially the bovines.






Dipika Nadkarni

A Master’s Degree in Numismatics and Archaeology, a very motivated learner; she has a flair for languages and is learning Hebrew, Persian, Arabic and German.  She loves to play the tabla and the Jaltarang.  History is her passion. She intends to pursue further studies in Archaeology and being a conservator is her career goal.  Walk into our home and you will find her paintings of ancient Egyptian art adorning the walls. Her strict exercise and diet regime is unwavering.  The common thread – The love for the outdoors – runs in her too. You will often find her spending the nights under the canopy of the starlit sky.